• Mohd Azri Mahat Faculty of Business and Management, DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia, Peramu Jaya Industrial Area, 26607 Pekan, Pahang, MALAYSIA
  • Nurhanan Syafiah Abdul Razak Azman Hashim International Business School, University Teknologi Malaysia Skudai, 81310, Johor Bahru, Johor, MALAYSIA
  • Musliadi Kamaluding School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology Mara, 40450, Selangor, Malaysia


Culture and Organization, Leadership, Change Management, Program Design, Business Company, performance


This study explores the implication of organizational culture and leadership framework implementation on companies' company performance at business performance, Composite Technology Research Technology (CTRM) upon change management. This study intends to solve the problem in the behavior of executives that can have negative consequences on the motivation or the culture of employees and the long-term business development of the CTRM that led to organizational changes since DRB-HICOM take over the shareholder from the Ministry of Finance 7 years ago. As a result of negative leadership is failing to inspire employees to give the best results and fulfill their potential. To achieve better results, employees at every level have to be committed to the CTRM and achieve financial and otherwise goals. Without a culture that supports and encourages managers and financial objectives are missed.

Nevertheless, it is not surprising that negative leadership can lead to higher employee turnover. Employees are not motivated, and culturally poor combustion starts looking for another job. The CTRM is struggling to lose the high performance and experienced workers and must be replaced by new employees. Understanding how CTRM beneficiaries live when new change begins, the specificity of their culture and leadership, and what struggles they will face in their day-to-day work not only serves to improve program design but also serves to explain the potential negatives that may result from the intervention or exacerbated when negative leadership manages regardless of new policy factors. Defining those possibilities in advance and planning for any possibilities can help ensure they don't occur or, if actual, minimize the effects. Demonstrating commitment to this area can also help build credibility with managers and employees. Based on quantitative data collected by spreading the culture and leadership surveys readiness to affect a more prominent audience leadership of Executive and especially CTRM defined above. This research is to gather more data on the overview of the CTRM’s business performance, including the acquisition workforce turnover, the statement of comprehensive income (SOCI), and growth trends of business marketing. Then, develop a complete picture of the readiness of the organization to compare this data with a successful history with similar size and scope, and change management best practices, to make recommendations for change management strategy and used to study the effect of leadership and change management strategy to acceptance by individual cultural change




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Mahat, M. A. ., Abdul Razak, N. S. ., & Kamaluding, M. . (2021). THE IMPLICATIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP ON BUSINESS PERFORMANCE IN CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Asean Journal of Automotive Technology, 2(1), 69–75. Retrieved from